About Fan Coins

Why Have a Fan Coin?

Why have a Fan Coin? Fan Coins are the perfect unique gift that is only available on Fan Coin’s official site.  Fan Coins are great for that special someone who is a die hard fan, but seems to already have everything. They are great gifts for kids to reward them for a job well done. They are perfect for anyone who loves what Fan Coins represents, THE FANS!

Fan Coins are hand made coins forged to perfection and are designed to represent each team’s true fans. Each coin purchased features a unique special code to prove its authenticity once registered on our site. Fan Coins are also heavy, detailed and durable as they are made by professional artists with the highest quality and longest lasting materials available.

Our Coins are Great to

  • Support a great cause (read more)
  • Have as bragging rights at the office
  • Give as gifts to a friend or family members
  • Award kids for a great job done
  • Be traded or collected
  • Use as poker card guard
  • Use as golf markers
  • And much more…

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Fan Coins Supports

Veteran Owned and Operated

Support Our TroopsFan Coin is veteran owned and operated. It is for that reason that for every coin purchased, we donate the value of an additional coin to support nonprofit organizations that give back to our military troops and their families. With your help, every year we can continue to truly make a difference in service members lives by donating to organizations doing great work.

Giving Back to the Community

breast cancer ribbonFan Coin also gives back to a number of nonprofit organizations and people that support children’s education, cancer survivors and fighters, and many more fantastic groups. If you know someone that you believe deserves a Fan Coin and they are in need of support, we are here to help. Please contact us directly through our contact us form to help us help more great nonprofits.

The History Behind the Coins

What is a Fan Coin?

A Fan Coin is also sometimes called a challenge coin and is often used in the military. Challenge coins are designed to show pride in an organization and usually bears the organization’s logo and is carried by the members of the organization.  Challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders or senior leadership in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization.

Military Tradition

The history of the challenge coin goes back as far as World War I, where they helped save at least one downed pilot because it was his only proof of identification. He was later returned to his unit and it became tradition for other military members to keep a challenge coin with them. These coins became known as challenge coins as they are often held by military members and they challenge each other to see if others have their coins. If they don’t they often have to buy a round of drinks.

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