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Fan Coin is a veteran owned and operated small business. For every coin purchased, we donate 10% of the profits of your total order to support veteran and military nonprofit organizations. Read more…


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Our High Quality NFL Coins

NFL collector coins make a great, special gift for friends family and those sports fans who have everything. Our NFL collector coins are high quality and contain everything that represents the team’s true fans in each coin.

Each coin that we design is presented to fans before we release the coins into the public. We gain feedback on what the fans like, what they don’t like, and make changes to the coin to best represent the team and their growing fan base. That is why each coin that we create we call a Fan Coin, because although it’s designed by us, it’s made by the fans for the fans. Additionally each coin that we create comes with its own unique serial code on the coin which can be registered to prove its authenticity on the Fan Coin website.

There are many different NFL coins on the market today and when you pick your collectors item you want the best. If you look at other coins they often feature basic designs that really don’t do the team justice. We take pride in our designs by making sure that they are perfect. We also take pride in the presentation of the coin; it’s for that reason that we hand paint each coin to be special and include 3D features on the coin which pop out to the fans.

We do NFL teams justice by providing high quality NFL coins to their fans. You won’t find cheap coins with us and when you receive your coin you will be surprised like the thousands of others who have provided us positive reviews about our products and our customer service.

Don’t see a team that you support? We are always working to expand our NFL coins to other teams that are not currently listed. Designing each team and marketing to our customers is a full time job and it takes time and money to expand. You can still suggest a team for us to carry and once we get the coin designed we will email you personally and make sure you get one of the first coins. We are also working on limited edition NFL coins which will be limited to 500 coins in each batch never to be created again.

Not only do we support NFL fans by making great NFL coins, but we also support military veterans and service-members. We support them by providing donations of the profits to nonprofit organizations that support the military and their families, in some cases providing over 60% of total profits to their cause. This means we don’t support nonprofits that say they give back when in reality they don’t. With Fan Coins, you know that the donations go places that will make a difference because we accept nothing less.

We hope that you enjoy your Fan Coin and your NFL coins as much as we enjoyed making them. We put a lot of time and energy into make an excellent product while supporting a tradition that is long lasting and enjoyable. We ask that you make the choice to purchase NFL coins with us and help us continue the tradition of the Fan Coin.


Detailed Golf Ball Markers

Fan coins are great gifts as golf ball markers. Many of our customers have been on the green and pulled out their favorite sports team Fan Coin and used it to mark their ball’s last location. It is really a great way to show others around you that you are a true fan of your most loved sports team.

Many golf ball markers on the market are designed with low quality metals and are designed to look cheap and feel cheap. Fan Coins are made from high quality metals and are always designed by professional artists. That way you can be sure that you receive the highest quality golf ball markers on the field. Fan Coins are also great gifts to give to others who are sports fans and also love the sport of golf.

Fan Coins are also unique in the golf ball marker market because each golf ball marker features a unique code which can be registered on the Fan Coin website. If you are wanting to collect different golf ball markers that we produce, you can register each coin and tell a story about your experience or your favorite team on the website. Think of it as your own little personal blog.

Fan Coins is veteran owned and operated and because of that, for every golf ball marker that is purchased, we give a portion of those sales back to the military and veteran community. We do so by donating funds to military and veteran non-profit organizations. We know that there are many military golfers, so it just makes sense!

We look forward to you receiving your golf ball marker from Fan Coins and hope that you will continue to support us in making great golf ball makers for future fans.

Quality Poker Card Guards

Our Fan Coins are used by poker professionals and fans as a poker card guard and poker card protector. Each coin that we make is heavy enough and the perfect size to be a wonderful addition to your poker gear.

If you support a specific sports team and would like to have a unique addition to your fan gear, Fan Coins are a perfect option for that. Many of our customers buy the coins for their friends and family who are poker fans and use our coins as poker card guards. Each coin features 3D and brightly colored team logos on them that represent their most loved sports team.

Don’t see a team that you support and would like a different team featured on your poker card guard? Not a problem. You are welcome to suggest your team and we will contact you once your team is ready.

Fan Coins are made by the fans for the fans and this is the same when we create our coins as poker card guards. We post our designs on our blog and update our customers with changes to the design. We also reach out to social media sites to gain feedback as to what poker players like on their poker card guards and what they don’t like.

Each of our poker card guards comes with a unique code that can be registered on our site. With that it provides our customers with a way to trade and collect their poker card guards with others. You can give your poker guard to a friend or trade with another player, and register that card guard to see who had it last and post your own story.

Fan Coins are a unique and special way to represent your favorite team. We hope that our customers will enjoy using them as poker card guards as much as we enjoyed making them.

Pride for the Team

Fan Coins are the perfect unique gift for every sports fan! They can be used as a token of pride, a gift to a good friend or co-worker, poker guards, golf markers, an award for doing well, or just a good luck charm.

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